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EducANTS - Kids & School

Printable Ant Farm Companion Pack

EducANTS - Kids & School

No Prep: Just print and go!

These 24 Activities are a great companion.
A great stand alone unit, or complement to an existing unit.

You can complete these with or without access to an Ant Farm, but an Ant Farm makes this unit Crawl to life! Have Fun!

Grade Levels
2nd, 3rd, 4th, Homeschool

File Type
PDF / 47 pages

Activities Included

  • Ant Science
  • KWL Chart: Opening activity- What Do I Know, What Do I Want to Know, and What did I learn about ants.
  • About Ants Nonfiction Reading
  • Queen Ants: Reading and Comprehension Questions
  • Worker Ants:  Reading and Comprehension Questions
  • Drone Ants:  Reading and Comprehension Questions
  • Life Cycle of the Ant Poster/Notebook Cover
  • Ant Life Cycle Reading
  • Ant Life Cycle Foldable
  • Anatomy of the Ant Diagram: Label Anatomy Activity
  • Creative Writing
  • 9 Writing Prompts about Ants
  • Ant Math
  • Maze
  • Word Problems
  • Research/Writing
  • Research 12 Ant Species (Using books or internet)
  • 2 Writing Organizers
  • Ant Paper for paragraphs

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